Dear Summer Father Christmas…

Dear Summer Father Christmas,

I would like to thank you for the great 3 days tour we made in MontBlanc range last week. I really enjoyed the time spent overthere.

Do you know that friends come very soon  from all over Europe to visit the area? Here is my request for this Summer Christmas : I really wish we could enjoy the same wonderful sunny weather, wind excepted.

We promise to be very kind during the whole Summer : Any accident, any television/video game, we will practise as much as possible what we’ve been teached this year with the Mountain Academy.

Thank you in advance,


Candidates speaking on day 2

This time we’ve prepared something special for you! On Monday the whole gang drove to Valsavarenche where they ascended a route called Cascade Rovenaud. Even though they followed the same line their impressions and feelings about it are soooo different 🙂 Read their own words ‘decorated’ with nice pictures from David Ravanel…

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