Dear Summer Father Christmas…

Dear Summer Father Christmas,

I would like to thank you for the great 3 days tour we made in MontBlanc range last week. I really enjoyed the time spent overthere.

Do you know that friends come very soon  from all over Europe to visit the area? Here is my request for this Summer Christmas : I really wish we could enjoy the same wonderful sunny weather, wind excepted.

We promise to be very kind during the whole Summer : Any accident, any television/video game, we will practise as much as possible what we’ve been teached this year with the Mountain Academy.

Thank you in advance,



Greetings from Buoux!

(Who did say that weather was rainy, grey and sad at the moment in France?)

Rainbow power!!

Denise & Aude

             Denise, warming up in sunny slabs.          Aude, discovering famous Buoux’ holes.

Candidates speaking on day 2

This time we’ve prepared something special for you! On Monday the whole gang drove to Valsavarenche where they ascended a route called Cascade Rovenaud. Even though they followed the same line their impressions and feelings about it are soooo different 🙂 Read their own words ‘decorated’ with nice pictures from David Ravanel…

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