Chamonix – back for more

One week in Cham per year is definitely not enough. Climbing potential of this place is so huge that you could probably spend your whole life there and you wouldn’t be able to climb all the routes. So when leaving the town in the beginning of July, after 4th stage of The Mountain Academy, I knew I would come back. I just needed to wait for the right moment 🙂 And the right moment came in August. Together with my friend Tomek we came for 10 days with our heads full of dreams and names of big routes. Although weather was marvellous in previous weeks it deteriorated soon after we arrived. We got drenched to the bone already on the approach to Envers des Aguilles. Another storm hit during our warm-up route on Tour Verte. Then there was another one accompanied by some minor showers… Luckily a weather window appeared exactly when needed so we could send our main goal for the week – Republique Bananiere on Aguille de la Republique. The route is magnificent and a real must – 700 metres of climbing (25 pitches) on perfect granite, taking mostly impressive corners, cracks and some technical slabs! Cold bivy on the rocky ledge, starry sky above our heads and amazing sunrise over the Drus and Aguille Verte also made it unforgettable experience…

Beautiful sunrise over Grandes Jorasses

Unfortunately all good things come to an end so bad weather made us drive home earlier than planned. Still we managed to climb few excellent routes (also L’age d’homme on 1st Pointe des Nantillons is worth recommending) and we know that Cham is definitely the place to come back for more 🙂 So next year we’re coming for a month or so. Wanna join?

Envers hut right after a huge thunderstorm

Stunning view of the Drus and Aguille Verte

Colorful sunset

Tomek leading ‘monstrous’ corner on pitch 13 of Republique Bananiere

Myself at the sharp top of Aguille de la Republique

Our feet hang freely above the abbyss…

… but our hands want more! Reaching for Grepon and Grand Charmoz

Time to go back – Tomek rapping down

Happy times! Team on top of 1st Pointe des Nantillons after climbing L’age d’homme









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