chamonix in b&w

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ they say. Well, here’s a small sample of my favourite black and white photos from last stage of Mountain Academy. Enjoy!

Approaching Petit Charmoz. Surrounded by mysterious and scary peaks

There’s plenty of climbing above Plan de l’Aiguille but this day almost nothing seems doable…

Somewhere on the ridge – Grand Charmoz lures just above our heads

Final steps to the top of Petit Charmoz

Denise and Seb following Milos’s steps

View from the summit. Can you spot tiny people on the col below?

Charlie on his way to the base of Brevent steep face

Climbers trying to find their way on the steep and loose trail

Enjoying (although scared!) the perfect rock of Envers des Aiguilles

Our playground from last week – Mont Blanc massif seen from Brevent


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