carlsberg don’t do alpine faces, but if they did…

so it cleared up overnight. finally. one could feel it before waking up in the tent – it was a bit crisper and most of all brighter than previous mornings. it was the weather window we all had been waiting for. charlie, our new team member based in the uk, wrote a story about his day.

“my introduction to alpine rock climbing could not have been better. isabel and i, along with our guide neil, did a route on the south face of the aiguille du midi called rebuffat. it’s an alpine classic and found why today. it starts just below the midi station, once you pass the narrow snow ridge it’s an easy walk to the base of the wall. the wall itself stands pround 200 metres from the base of the vallèe blanche and anyone walking past this point for the first time can’t help stopping and starring at it. i did that exact thing nearly three years ago. i stopped, stared, and thought…wow… i would love to climb that one day. now i have and it was fantastic. the climbing itself was very interesting, lots of cracks of all sizes, with some slabs to mix things up. the weather was glorious, warm but not too hot – just comfortable and the sky was very clear so views from the belays took us into switzerland and italy. isabel’s great attitude only added to the day’s fun and neil’s experience allowed me to focus on enjoying the day not worrying about safety. it was an incredible experience and something i will look back on with fond memories for a long time.”


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