four seasons in a climbing day

so with continued unsettled weather in chamonix, we sorted out the camp and cruised over to the other side of mt. blanc – we went to the aosta valley reassured by our guides who said with an italian accent: “don’t worry, it’s always sunny there”.

we were glad he was right as it turned out to be amazing conditions. no people around, warm and sunny and with brilliant routes. we split the team in two, one for an easier slab route and the other with more vertical and less obvious grips. the advantage with climbing with mates you’ve climbed with before is less faff deciding who goes where and who does what. it kinda comes natural to everyone what to do, and we all save time and climb more. it’s a good team.

this stage was supposed to be all about “snow & rock” on altitude, but aosta as plan b was not too shabby for a first day – despite a puncture on our way back. the weather would clear up slightly overnight so our alarm clocks are now set on 5.40am, and we’re set towards 3800m and aiguille du midi, hoping the weather is on our side again!


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