Sea to Sky

The Mountain Academy headquarters asked me to contribute a short story to this blog. Well, my story is simple enough: I travel and I climb. Participation in the TMAc2 program actually is only a small part of what I currently do. But of course it does provide a regular rendezvous with the whole cool crew.

In between seasonal stages I just lead that gipsy, dirt bag kind of lifestyle. I mean, it’s not that I’m camping out in the wild all of the time. Sometimes I stay on a regular campground; other times I stay with friends or even rent a room for a while. But I don’t have a permanent address; my home is on the road. Once in a while I think I should finally get me that camper van or at least a car, just like any self-respecting modern nomad. But then again, I’m not sure if I will stay in Europe the next couple of years…

This time I am on the island of Kalymnos, Greece. There are no big mountains here, but natural beauty is all around. The abundance of excellent quality rock routes attracts tufa addicts from all over the planet. Meeting old and new friends, life is somehow easy on the island. Academy buddy Denise came over for a visit too and yes, we had good times.

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As a transition from single-pitch limestone sport to the next stage in the Mont-Blanc range, I am keen to do some longer climbs at mid-altitude. In June I plan to travel to the Orco Valley in Italy for (multi-pitch) granite cracks. People only tell good things about this place. So I hope to meet you all there, especially if you bring good vibes plus a trad rack!


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