Bedtime story about DryQ Typhoon jacket and wet pants :)

Once upon the time, in the land where ice never melt, we decided to climb some nice route. It was a beautiful sunny day, conditions were perfect and our Mountain Academy crew ready for ice action.

After an hour of walk, we were at the bottom of the beautiful ice fall called Candelone di Patri. Ascent started at three easier (but nice pitches) then we were on a big terrace and above us was huge blue wall. Only one chance, how to be able climb to the summit, was after ten metres of climbing traverse, few metres through quite big and still not frozen waterfall. But why not, we are not from sugar, lets go.

„Ok, I´m in shower and still dry, fine, Jacket works, but what the hell, trousers are broken.“ My lower part is completely wet and I feel like I had an accident down there. But doesn´t matter, now just climb, survive and try to enjoy this perfect ice. So I switched into climb mode and run up to the end of the ice fall. After few metres in shower traverse, I continued directly to the top. It was wonderfull climbing – no more thinking about wet clothing. I was on the summit after challenging many ice hittings. Happy and full of endorfines, I prepared belay station and started to belay Seb and Flo.

„Hey, Was it just a wet dream or what? I´m dry and I do not feel any cold.“ Then I suddenly saw that the pants which I had are Tanglewood Pants from softsheell and not the ones from DryQ. O.K, fine, pants also work and Clarence from MHW isn´t dirty layer, phew, I was happy again and more than before 🙂


So don’t critic your clothing, if you do not know what you are wearing 😉 At the end, our trip was succesfull and everybody were dry, breathable and happy from eccelent climbing day. And that is the end of my boring bedtime story, so if you almost want to go to sleep, my aim is done 🙂

Good night and make your dream come true tomorrow ….


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