Layered clothing

The layerd clothing is a princip of clothing, where you use different clothes like layers of the onion (in german: Ziebelschalenprinzip). One of the advantages is that between every layer air can be trapped and act like a thermal insulator. If you have less, but thicker layers, you don’t benefit from this effect.

Good clothing should fulfill the following functions: Transfer moisture from the body away, keep the person warm and protect from rain and wind.

So the basic tree layers from MHW I am using :

My set of basic layers: Drystein jacket (blue), Solidus jacket (red), Nimba Short Sleeve T (orange)

Baselayer: The layer, which should transfer the moisture from the skin away:

–        Women’s Wicked Lite™ Long Sleeve Tee: Is made out of synthetic material, which has the advantage that it doesn’t absorb the moisture, but just transfer it. Its dries very fast and thanks to its antimicrobial treatment it doesn’t smell bad (even after a week of ice-climbing). Really comfortable. Either long or short sleeve.

–        Or: Nimba™ Short Sleeve T: Is a shirt made out of cotton, feels very comfortable and has a very good fit. If you use it as a baselayer, the disadvantage is, that is absorbs moisture and it takes a little longer time than the “Wicked Lite” till it dries (no problem, just put it out in the Swiss sun in front of the Cabane du Grand Mountet).

Insulating layer: The layer, which should keep the warmth:

–        Women’s Solidus™ Jacket: My favorite cloth! Due to its very comfortable fit and the “tender” fleece-like material, a must. It keeps you warm, but let you anyway breath.

Outer layer: The layer, which should protect you from rain and wind:

–        Drystein™ Jacket: Due to the new technology of MHW, DryQ (similar to Gore-Tex), this jacket fulfills its main function (protection from the rain and wind) perfectly and in addition to this, it breathes more than traditional jackets. The fit is very good as well, not too short like most of the jackets and the hood fits over the helmets (big advantage if you have to climb through the fall of water in the icefall).

Depending on the conditions, the temperatures and the personal desire, you can add as many layers until you feel warm enough and comfortable. As supplementary layers is like: Microgrid™ Zip Tee, Zonal jacket, Micro power stretch.

Zonal jacket (red), Microgrid™ Zip Tee (pink), Micro power stretch (pink/white),Wicked Lite™ Long Sleeve Tee (blue)


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