The Mountain Academy presents!

My first steps in the snow with crampons should have given me confidence with inexperienced feet to move forward. I asked my friends for recommendations about which crampons to start with, and they advised me: “it is better to begin with simple ones” … “walking through the snow does not need much more than simple crampons”… But with The Mountain Academy I never imagined that my first steps would be vertical! And the BD Cyborg made this possible.

The results that I experienced… were amazing! Their sharp points make you feel that you have axes in your feet; in addition they work incredibly well on hard snow and in small rock cracks.

If you start using the Cyborg you don’t want to use anything else. It’s hard to walk if you first learn to fly.

Another good partner in ice climbing activities was the thermal underwear Microgrid Zip T-shirt. The changing weather conditions that often occur in mountain places make very significant the choice of clothing. The most commonly used system is known as the three layers, the first one is crucial as it is useful to keep the body warm and dry in every moment. Also it does not itch and is very smooth to skin contact, excellent tissue elasticity that allows me complete freedom of movement while climb.

I think the different technologies in the materials come from our passion for the mountains, which motivates us and commits us to continue proving high quality and functionality products to all those who, like me, love challenges and nature, who dream, plan and act knowing that anything is possible.


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