Day 3 – (n)ice learning and development

On day 3 we focused on learning good techniques, so we split up the group a bit… one team went to some ice crags close to Lillaz, with shorter routes practicing techniques like how to properly position the crampons; good resting techniques on vertical walls; straight arms with bent knees and ankles to avoid the arms to get too pumped, to improve placing the ice-screws correctly, increase the precision with the ice-axes etc. It’s all elementary stuff that’s key to move onwards and upwards!

Isa learning new tricks

The second team went to the Valeille, a place where you can find many world famous ice routes. We did two really nice icefalls: Tuborg (WI 4+/5) and Candelabro del Coyote (WI 4/4+). While we were climbing, we could see two climbers on the opposite side valley, defying the gravity. “Must be two strong Italian climbers, those guys are crazy! One day, one day…” we thought, focusing more on our climbing. But as it turned out, they were none other than Ueli Steck and John Griffith, climbing Jedi Master, world’s first M11. Nice.

Our Jedi Master - Ueli Steck 🙂

Everyone’s pretty much “in the zone” by now, we are more relaxed and climb better already. At the end of the day we were all tired and very satisfied. Even though we did not nail an M11, we were all quite proud of our achievements. After all, we spent a beautiful day on ice together!

Don’t do some stupid things like pulling ice-screw with one arm pull-up 🙂

For more info visit:!/MountainACademy


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