Stage 3 – what, when, where?

Tick, tock – the clock’s ticking. Only nine days away from the beginning of the 3rd stage so it’s high time to get ready! This time we’ll travel to Val di Cogne (Cogne Valley) in Italy. For those of you who don’t know the place it’s pretty close to famous Aosta Valley and you can check it’s location on Google maps:

The ice climbing potential of this place is enormous as there are plenty of beautiful lines. Such as this one here (Cold Couloir):

Most of the routes are located in the Valnontey and Lillaz area. As you can see from the topos they offer different grade, length and approach but what they all have in common is most definitely an ADVENTURE. This is why our plan for the week is really tight and full of fun things:

  • first of all: have fun & climb a lot!
  • work on the blog and other communication projects to keep you guys updated 🙂
  • work with some journalists to make some hype about the whole TMAc2 event
  • learn from our special guests (more info about them soon)
  • put to test the Black Diamond gear and apparel provided by Mountain Hardwear

Sounds like a busy week, huh? Sure it’s gonna be but fortunately we’ll also have some nice place to eat, reast and dry our clothes:

To check current conditions and find out more about ice climbing in Cogne you can go here and here. Soon we will post more info about Mountain Hardwear athletes joining us for the 3rd stage.

Be sure not to miss our Cogne adventures – please follow this blog (“Follow” button in the left menu on the main page) or like our facebook fan page. Stay tuned!


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