Valais : Patryk’s interview

Patryk, given your alpine experience, did you have any “fears” about the second stage of The Mountain Academy 2 ?

My biggest and major concern before this stage was if I would be able to climb with my injured knee. I was affraid that the effort would be too much and I definitely didn’t want to cause any trouble to the group.

And finally…?

    … everything worked out well and I could enjoy perfect climbing in beautiful surroundings.

Can you tell us 1 or 2 things you have learnt this week?

Fisrt of all, I’ve refreshed my knowledge about crevasses rescue on the glacier. It was really an useful experience to practice different techniques because it is never too much when it comes to safety.

Then, I would remember what Jérôme teached me about guiding a person for climbing up and down on rock ridges.

What would be your “+” and your “-” of this week?

+ : we tried different things relative to mountaineering, I mean : some easy tricks, then some rich climbing on Besso, then we had a very demanding moutain on Zinalrothorn and some regular climbing.

– : it was too short, definitely.

What is your favourite MHW / BD / Aku product ?

I think it would be the MHW Scrambler backpack. I like it because it’s really light weight, very confortable and it’s perfect size for various activities in the mountain.

If this week would be a colour, it would be …?

White. Because of the snow, ice and glaciers surroundings. And white means also pure which is the way I like the moutains.

… and if it would be a flavour?

It would be the taste of water, running down from the glacier and which we needed so much to rehydrate and refresh our tired bodies.

What are your plans once you get back home?

First of all, I need to fix my knee completely and then I want to catch up on winter climbing and ski touring to be ready for the next stage!


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