Valais : Florian’s interview

Florian, given your alpine experience, did you have any “fears” about the second stage of The Mountain Academy 2 ?

No, really. Everybody has a good shape. I’ve never been in this area, but I was on the other
side in Zermat, so kind of new was coming.

And finally?

    And finally… a very good week!

Can you tell us 1 or 2 things you have learnt this week?

It was good to see the French style of guiding and compare it with the Austrian style. So you can pick the good things…

What would be your “+” and your “-” of this week?

+ : A nice week with friends, beautifull weather and landscape!

– : [empty]

What is your favourite MHW / BD / Aku product ?

I really like the Scrambler backpack, it’s really light!

If this week would be a colour, it would be …?

Blue, like the sky.

… and if it would be a flavour?

Muesly bar anf Figolu biscuit.

What are your plans once you get back home?

Some climbing holydays on Kalymnos or Mallorca, I will decide just when I’m back home, depending also on the air tickets cost…


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