Valais : Sang’s interview

Sang, given your alpine experience, did you have any “fears” about the second stage of The Mountain Academy 2 ?

Coming directly from sea level, I was afraid the hike in would feel like running half a marathon. Also I thought poor weather could sink our mountaineering plans.

And finally?

    The approach hike turned out to be not so bad actually, and we had the best weather of the century!

Can you tell us 1 or 2 things you have learnt this week?

It was good to have a crevasse rescue exercise with full partner body weight. When running down a glacier, hooking crampon points in your pants is not such a brilliant idea.

What would be your “+” and your “-” of this week?

+ : to see each other again and getting closer with every stage, to climb together some beautiful peaks in a truly awesome environment. An original and inspiring meeting with Samuel during the Zinalrothorn ridge traverse.

– : the importance “public outreach” by the team members gets over living the moment.

What is your favourite MHW / BD / Aku product ?

The Zonal jacket is pretty warm and comfy for its weight. The Z-Poles are smartly designed knee-savers.

If this week would be a colour, it would be …?

Indian summer for the starting fire in the trees, and rainbow colours for the personal touch that each one adds to the group.

… and if it would be a flavour?

Cheese and chocolate.

What are your plans once you get back home?

Some more alpine stuff in Valais together with Patryk, and then travelling again to the next climbing destination.


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