Valais : Milos’ interview

Milos, given your alpine experience, did you have any “fears” about the second stage of The Mountain Academy 2 ?

I was afraid of getting bad weather during the stage or perhaps getting ill.

And finally?

    But everything turned out to be just perfect!

Can you tell us 1 or 2 things you have learnt this week?

I improved my leading skills and rope techniques a lot, on rock ridges as well as on glacier travel.

What would be your “+” and your “-” of this week?

+ : lots of things, a perfect group of fun people, nice weather and beautiful summits.

– : nothing.

What is your favourite MHW / BD / Aku product ?

The Desna jacket is excellent for climbing, the hood fits well over a helmet.

If this week would be a colour, it would be …?

Blue, for the blue sky and ice.

… and if it would be a flavour?

Cheese and salami.

What are your plans once you get back home?

Back to student’s life, but still being focused on climbing too.


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