Sang’s presentation

My name is Sang, born in Korea, brought to Belgium, and proud to be the first Belgian participant in the Mountain Academy programme. In recent years, non-alpine Belgium has got attention from the world with feats by a few strong comp climbers, but especially by a small group of big-wall free-climbing specialists.Most of us are not such super-talented heroes, though. And that’s the kind of guy I wish to represent: equally motivated and passionate about going up in the mountains, always in for sharing an adventure with friends.

One year ago I quit my job, finally making time for traveling and climbing (aka dirtbagging) in France, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. During this year we could make some memorable alpine ascents like the Grand Capucin or the Weisshorn. But due to the social aspect and ease of finding a buddy, most of the time was spent sport climbing. Sometimes I loose a bit of fanatism, pulling ‘a muerte’ on such a small piece of crag, and then I know it’s time for moving to the taller lines again.

Now, as a member of the MAc team, I’m looking forward to discovering new wild places, climbing and mountaineering with cool dudes n dudettes. Also, I’m pretty sure the pro guys will show us more than one good trick!


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