Rainbow Ecrins : Aude & Sang’s pics’

Day 1 : Dibona

A nice rainbow always starts with some humidity…  

Sang in the 1st pitches of Visite Obligatoire

… mixed with sun!

Aude, almost at Dibona’s top

Day 2 : Tete du Rouget

The rainbow always results in the same way : SMILES!

Sang, the Belgian globe-trotter and Captain Aude at the conquest of Rackam le Rouget’s Treasure

Day 4 & 5 : Cerces

First time for each of us in the Cerces.. but definitely not the last one!

Good climbs in Vaille Que Vaille

Lucky Luke rappel after the GrandMa (Dalton?) route

.. and always rainbow smiles…


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Ecrins : Aude & Sang’s pics’

  1. pink and blue were the colours of this rainbow
    ( for the fresh ropes and the ultra-cool rain jacket ) with
    a touch of white sunscreen on our lips.

    the only thing uncomfortable was …
    breaking in a new pair of rock shoes!

    getting to know each other better, and your friends,
    five quality routes in five days – before the rain -,
    shared with evil alpen cows, perfect bivy spots,
    a vehicle never giving up plus delicious french food …

    may all future rainbows be as bright as this one!
    thanks again,

  2. Thanks Sang to put some words on those pics’!
    Hehe.. the rainbow jacket (that suits you very well actually ;-)), the nice routes visited, my lovely temperamental car… Yes, great souvenirs! (I do NOT include the cows’ meeting)
    Thanks to make the adventure possible, “à la prochaine!”

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