Milos’ presentation

My name is Miloš Kaláb and I was born 25 years ago and grew up in a very nice and little Czech town called Jablonné nad Orlicí, which is situated under the small but picturesque Orlické mountains.
I have been addicted to sport since my childhood. My first touch of real outdoor physical activity begun with athletics and cross country running, then I changed to snowboarding.

After all that, I discovered the magnificence of mountains and started with mountaineering and climbing in our local mountaineering club. Later I also started with skialpinism, because, through skialpinism, I can enjoy the freedom of mountains without crowded pistes.
Nowadays, I study Sport and physical education, Master’s degree, at Charles University in Prague. My next specialization is sport climbing and Outdoor educaution.

Climbing is a lifestyle and I admit I like it a lot. It is because of the connection of sport effort, friendships, nature and travelling. Another think I like a lot is that in this sport is huge variability of styles, from limestone and sandstone climbing to ice falls and big walls, trad climb and many many other ways…and I want to do it all.
Finally, all this adventure is the way I can escape from our fast civilization.

So I am really looking forward to face the next new adventures and experiences with Mountain Academy…


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