Federica’s presentation

Ciao a tutti! I’m Federica, from Milan, Italy.
My hometown is awful: especially in winter, you cannot breath and even see, because of the smog and the fog…

So, since I was young, I early began to run away…
At first I have been exploring seas (and their wind, islands and people) sailing all over the world. Then I moved close to beaches and rocks, studying yacht design (in Liguria, near Cinque Terre). Nowadays I’m attending a PhD program at Genoa’s University.

My slogan is “climb to go high & sail to go far”, because I think in everyone’s life it’s necessary with an equilibrium between horizontal and vertical dimension… So, now I’m mostly exploring mountains, where sight can wander into distance and wild beauty, and body is absorbed in movement, technique and effort….
Isn’t it?


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